2023 Tufts Graduation Ceremony

Pictured above: (left to right) Veronica, Shelley, Peyton,  Dr. Choi, Dr. Gorham, Dr. Yoo

Pictured below: Shelley and Peyton

Class of 2023 Graduation Dinner-Congratulations Peyton!

Pictured above: (bottom to top rows, left to right) Peyton, Jenny, Kaila, Sarah W, Fran, Veronica, Sarah M, Taylor, Sam, John

Pictured below: (left to right) Veronica, Taylor, Sarah M, Sarah W, Sam, Peyton, John, Fran, Kaila, Jenny

World Orthoptic Day June 5, 2023

"How not to wear a patch" as demonstrated by the orthoptists at Tufts Medical Center in honor of World Orthoptic Day

Pictured to the left : (left to right) Veronica, Shelley, Peyton

2023 Boston Children's Ophthalmology Foundation Winter Gathering

Pictured above: (from left to right) John, Emily, Sam, Sarah W, Peyton, Sarah M, Kaila, Taylor, Jenny

2022 Graduation Brunch-Congratulations Veronica!

Pictured above: from left to right- Jenny, Kaila, Sarah W, Shelley, Fran, Veronica, Taylor, Sarah M, Kristyn, John

Summer fun with the Tufts team

Pictured above: from left to right-Veronica and Shelley 

Pictured to the left: from left to right- Shelley, Catherine Choi, Veronica, Sylvia Yoo

World Orthoptic Day June 6, 2022

Pictured: left to right-Mike, Peyton, Taylor, Kristyn, Sarah W., Kaila, Veronica, Sam, Emily, Sarah M.

Orthoptics pride at Boston Children's Hospital

I am a Certified Orthoptist because...

February 25, 2022, Boston Children's Hospital.

Pictured: front row-Fran; back row, left to right-Sam, Kaila, Taylor, Kristyn

2021 Graduation Dinner

2021 students

Pictured above from left to right: Peyton, Taylor, Jesse, Veronica

Class of 2021

Congratulations Taylor and Jesse!

Class of 2020

Congratulations May! You are officially a Certified Orthoptist. 

Pictured left to right: Kristyn, Kaila, May, Sarah W

Teaching and learning about orthoptics during a pandemic 2020

Pictured top left to bottom: May, Shelley, Taylor, Peyton, Veronica, Jesse

Lectures are being hosted over Zoom by orthoptists from both Boston Children's Hospital and Tufts Medical Center to keep everyone safe.  

AACO National Meeting 2019-San Francisco

We are so very proud of our students, especially when their hard work pays off.  May gave an excellent presentation!

Pictured (left to right): David Hunter, Sara Mackinnon, May Chan-Ho, Shelley Klein, Catherine Choi, Rheaa Nelson

2018 Holiday Party